Home Land Credit and Investments Inc.

How we can help you

How to invest

In order to make an investment in Home Land Credit and Investments Inc., an individual must qualify as an “Accredited Investor” within the meaning of the rule as defined in National Instrument 45-106. To qualify as an accredited investor you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

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How to Borrow

Home Land Credit and Investments Inc. must accept all applications for mortgages via licensed mortgage brokers. We are unable to accept direct applications. To find a licensed mortgage broker, visit:

  • CAAMP, the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals

  • FSCO, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Investment Strategy

Home Land Credit and Investments Inc.’s objective is to focus on investing primarily in a portfolio of conventional first and second mortgage loans that generate income to allow Home Land Credit and Investments Inc. to pay monthly dividends to its shareholders.

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What We Do

Home Land Credit and Investments Inc. Real Estate and Mortgage Management Company

Home Land Credit and Investments Inc. is best described as a non-traditional mortgage and business lender. As such, we understand the frustrations brokers often encounter when dealing with traditional lenders and institutions. Our structure removes the red tape from the approval process and provides fast funding to the borrower.

Our in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry allows us to generate approvals, typically within 2 business days. We understand that customers can be complicated with unique and unusual factors to be considered during the mortgage review process. Our common sense approach to lending does not adhere to a rigid underwriting matrix, but rather considers other important factors like borrowers’ repayment patterns, and loan to value ratios. By looking at the entire story, we are able to help prospective quality borrowers with a less than perfect credit rating secure the loan they need. In other words, if the investment makes sense, we will fund it.

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What is MIC

Mortgage Investment Corporations (“MICs”) are special entities allowed under Section 130.1 of the Canadian Income Tax Act (the “Act”). MICs allow individuals to pool their funds and invest this capital in mortgage loans, benefitting from the risk mitigation provided by a large, diversified portfolio. The Act requires that 100% of a MIC’s annual net income, as verified by external audit, be distributed to its shareholders by way of dividends. These dividends are taxed as interest income in the investors’ hands and essentially represent a flow-through of the interest earned by the MIC’s mortgage portfolio. These dividends can be taken in cash or re-invested in new shares of the MIC in accordance with its dividend reinvestment policy. In exchange for an administration fee, a professional management company performs the day-to-day administration of the portfolio.

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